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Pictoria - Color Palettes
Ultimate color palette maker for designers and artists is cooler than Kuler because you can use it anywhere! No internet connection needed. Create amazing color schemes on your mobile or tablet. Easily generate unique palettes with colour wheels or extract colors from images. Equip yourself with this brilliant standalone color generator.
pictoria color palettes galaxy s4
Android? Find it here!

Pictoria - Color Palettes is available in several different Android stores. It supports Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Get it on Google Play
Available at amazon

* Available at Yandex.Store

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pictoria color palettes iphone 5s
iOS? Delivered!

Pictoria - Color Palettes is available in AppStore. It supports all devices. Optimized for the best iPhone 6 and iOS 8 experience!

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We have official page in vkontakte here.

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